Interview Episode: Rosanna Overcomer – former member of Gloriavale

Special Guest: Rosanna Overcomer

Rosanna Overcomer was born into Gloriavale's former incarnation as the Christian Church at Springbank. Her family moved over when it became Gloriavale, and Rosanna eventually left with her husband and three children (with one on the way) when she was 27. They now have six children together and are passionate about helping others within and coming out of Gloriavale.


Gloriavale Christian Community has been in the news recently in New Zealand for court cases around labour and servitude, and there are further cases happening as well. To understand more about the history of the organisation, you can listen to our 2-part episode about the group. Rosanna Overcomer recently celebrated 10 years out of Gloriavale, at the end of March 2023, and shares some of her story and the work she does now to help support others.



May 3rd, 2023

51 mins 26 secs