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Media Coverage

"Steel’s podcast has gone on to become a worldwide hit, frequently topping podcast charts and “must listen” lists. Her meticulously researched program features interviews with survivors and experts, all with an empathetic tone."

Peter Wells, The Age, September 2019

"The [Australian Podcast Awards] even had an independent true crime category, so the independents didn’t need to compete with the staff and resources of a full newsroom. Winning this category was Sarah Steel’s Let’s Talk About Sects, a fascinating and well-researched look into cults and the charismatic leaders behind them."

Peter Wells, The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2019

"Let’s Talk About Sects is a fantastic examination of sects, cults, and religion... This is a fact-based program that’ll hook you in and keep you coming back for more. Steel has the ability to parse why people start cults, why people then join, and how this keeps happening again and again by simply and thoroughly telling the stories of the cults you’ve heard of and a lot you may have never heard of."

Zach Johnston, Uproxx, February 2019

"Each episode of this cleverly named, meticulously researched podcast looks at a different religious extremist sect, from the Branch Davidians to Koreshan Unity. Host Sarah Steel also provides her bibliography for each hour-long episode, providing a rabbit hole for further research."

Elena Nicolaou, Refinery29, December 2018

“Really appealed to me.”

Brian Nankervis, ABC Radio Melbourne, April 2018 (listen from 30min in)

“I had to pause it a few times just to catch my breath.”

Jordan Heil, The Bello Collective, September 2017