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Let's Talk About Sects is a completely independent production, started by Sarah in her sharehouse bedroom in Sydney's inner west.

The motivations behind the creation of the show are: to provide a platform for survivors to tell their stories; to destigmatise the victims of cults; and to demonstrate how easy it can be for people to fall under the spell of a leader who may eventually compromise their morals and ethics.

We hope that in sharing these stories we can bring recognition to victims' experiences, and help the public to recognise red flags so that they don't find themselves in similar situations.


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Do As I Say

You can grab a copy of Sarah's debut book, with lots of stories you'll recognise from guests of Let's Talk About Sects. It's available in audiobook and ebook internationally, and hardcopy in Australia and New Zealand.

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Audio-Technica is the season 5 sponsor of Let's Talk About Sects, and there are plenty of other sponsorship options available. Find out more here.


Grab yourself a tote bag, pillow, T-shirt, mug & more – and help support the creation of Let's Talk About Sects! Head on over to our TeePublic merch store, or for clocks, notebooks and more, try our Redbubble store.

You can order a copy of Sarah's debut book, featuring many LTAS interviewees, here.

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