Exclusive Brethren

Special Guest: Lindy Jacomb

Lindy Jacomb loves questions of faith, truth and meaning. She was raised in the Exclusive Brethren (now rebranded as the PBCC) and was excommunicated alone at age 20. She loves the freedom that her post-brethren life has brought, but lives with the ongoing costs of the extreme separation that marks the PBCC, including the continuing grief of the loss of her family and relatives. Lindy believes that truth is strong enough to handle being questioned and that in the words of Socrates, "the unexamined life is not worth living."

Special Guest: Michael Bachelard

Michael Bachelard is Deputy Editor and Investigations Editor at The Age. He previously worked in the press gallery in Canberra, and has written two books: The Great Land Grab and Behind The Exclusive Brethren. Michael has won a number of awards for journalism including the Gold Walkley.


Written and Hosted by Sarah Steel

Research by Haley Gray and Sarah Steel

Music by Joe Gould

Edited by Corey Green at Transducer Audio

January 20th, 2021

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1 hr 10 mins 47 secs

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Lindy Jacomb was born into the Exclusive Brethren in Auckland, New Zealand, and was told there was no longer a place for her there in 2008. Her family cut off all communication with her and she was forced to start a new life at the age of 20, without any of the people she knew and loved.