Interview Episode: Uncultured with Daniella Mestyanek Young

Special Guest: Daniella Mestyanek Young

Daniella Mestyanek Young was born a third-generation member of the Children of God, and grew up being trafficked around the world. She escaped at the age of 15 and went on to graduate as college valedictorian before commissioning into the US Army as an intelligence officer. Daniella deployed twice to Afghanistan and became a member of one of the Army's first Female Engagement teams – an experiment that eventually led to the repeal of the combat ban for women. She is a recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award presented to her by Barack Obama.


Daniella Mestyanek Young was born into the Children of God, as was her mother before her. She left as a teenager and put herself through school and university, then decided to join the military. Her fantastic book Uncultured explores many of the parallels between the cult and the armed forces. The New York Times called it, “A painful and propulsive memoir delivered in the honest tones of a woman who didn’t always think she’d live to tell her story."



November 30th, 2022

59 mins 6 secs