Interview Episode: Issues in Coaching and Wellness with Kathleen Oh

Special Guest: Kathleen Oh

Kathleen Oh is a Coach, writer, and safe drug use advocate and educator specialising in psychedelic integration. Her primary focus has become understanding her responsibility in anti-racist, capitalist and colonial systems of oppression, especially in New Age Spirituality, Self-Help, and Wellness Coaching. She has been in and around areas of mental health work for 25 years, working in private practice since 2007. Her niche clients are online business owners, entrepreneurs, and medical and legal professionals. She has lost close friends and relationships with her community members to controversial conspiracy groups.


Kathleen Oh is a rare breed: a wellness coach who is cynical about wellness and the coaching industry. She works with clients across integration and psychedelics education. Kathleen is trained in Internal Family Systems (also known as IFS Informed or IFSCA), which is a trauma-informed approach, and personally comes from a background of trauma herself. Kathleen was once an anti-vaxxer, and her community embraced all kinds of magical thinking and conspiracy theories. Over time, she realised that her own coaching may have involved undue influence, and through the words of a dear friend she recognised that a lot of her perspectives were rooted in white privilege.



November 2nd, 2022

1 hr 49 mins 10 secs