Interview Episode: The Hate Next Door with Matson & Tawni Browning

Special Guest: Matt & Tawni Browning

Matson Browning is an internationally recognised authority on the inner workings of white supremacy groups. As an undercover detective for more than two decades in Arizona, he thought he knew what hate looked like. That is, until he got a front-row seat. For more than 25 years, Matt has been infiltrating, documenting, and disrupting white supremacy movements from the inside, gaining an intimate vantage point into the KKK, skinheads, border militias, Proud Boys, and other white power groups, as they organised and grew, their ranks including police force and military veterans.

Tawni Browning was the supervising and casting producer for A&E’s Secrets of Polygamy, premiering on 8 January 2024, as well as 5 seasons of A&E’s Escaping Polygamy. For years, Tawni has been assisting her husband in the investigations of numerous skinhead organisations. With her covert investigative tactics, Tawni was instrumental in the shutting down of one of the world's largest and most violent skinhead organisations.


Matson Browning is a law enforcement officer who, along with his wife Tawni, spent years undercover infiltrating various hate groups to research and report on the rise of hate crimes and white supremacy in the United States. Together they wrote the book The Hate Next Door: Undercover Within the New Face of White Supremacy, which was published in July 2023.

What others dismissed as fringe groups, Matson quickly recognised as large and interconnected organisations permeating every facet of American society, effectively spreading their dangerous and repugnant rhetoric at unprecedented speeds. Now, with the violent polarisation in our communities and an increase in hate crimes, the threat posed by these toxic organisations feels as acute as ever.

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Produced by Sarah Steel

Music by Joe Gould

Edited and Mixed by Matt Brazel

December 13th, 2023

43 mins 26 secs