Laura Sullivan

Special guest

Laura grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, a suburban girl with big city dreams. She studied television production at Charles Sturt University, and has been working in television since 2002.

Laura was that kid fascinated by junk on the ground, and would always come home with some strange object that she’d found. She liked to draw and make things. To create. Her hands were always dirty. It was in Sydney in 2005 that she found her first note, and she's been finding notes in cities around the world ever since.

Laura also grew up in a sect called Outreach International. Whilst there, her pastor disapproroved of her note-finding habit. But since leaving the sect, she embraced her passion and turned that habit into Found By Laura – an art project that has seen her launch a book in February 2017 and exhibit her notes in a number of Sydney galleries. She'll soon take the exhibition to other cities across the country and around the world.

Laura Sullivan has been a guest on 2 episodes.