Interview Episode: David Freeman – former child member of The Family

Special Guest: David Freeman

Born in Guildford, Surrey, David moved to Australia with his parents, who were members of the Melbourne-based cult known as The Family.

He was removed from his parents and raised by the cult until the age of 14 when police conducted a raid on the premises. He was put into government care until he was 18.

David started a family and moved to Iceland at the age of 25 where he still resides today. He is a father of 3 children and also a keen artist.

He has always avoided discussing the past, and kept his childhood secret until now. He has struggled with addiction problems over the years, and talking about his experiences at last are steps towards healing and closure.


David Freeman was handed over to Anne Hamilton Byrne at the age of two, when he went to live with the other children at The Family’s Lake Eildon property. It took 12 years before he was rescued by the police, and given his freedom. At 15, he vowed not to tell anyone about his childhood in the notorious Victorian cult, and it was a promise he kept for 25 years.



June 30th, 2021

1 hr 17 mins 40 secs