Let's Talk About Sects


About Let's Talk About Sects

Let's Talk About Sects is a podcast that looks at a different cult each episode.

For the purpose of this podcast, we’re defining a cult as a group:

(1) Dominated by a charismatic leader or leadership that closely controls its members, particularly with regards to their exercising their free will to disengage with the group and its ideology;
(2) Who believes that they exclusively have access to the truth and the rest of the world is wrong; and
(3) Who are largely secretive about the workings of their society to outsiders.

The motivation behind the creation of this podcast is to both share people's stories, and to serve as a demonstration of how easy it can be for people to fall under the spell of a belief system that eventually compromises their morals and ethics.

We hope that in sharing these stories, we can bring recognition to those who deserve it for their experiences, and cause others to consider carefully before they find themselves in similar situations.

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