Twin Flames Universe

Special Guest: Kara Brodsky

Kara is a New York, USA native. She loves learning how people think and operate, and is very keen on watching documentaries and criminal investigation shows. She also enjoys watching old Hollywood movies as she had a great uncle who was a Hollywood actor. Kara has been rebuilding her life after escaping the Twin Flame cult that wiped her out financially. Currently, she is working on getting a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy.


Written and Hosted by Sarah Steel

Music by Joe Gould

Edited by Matt Brazel

October 19th, 2022

48 mins 55 secs

Season 5


Season 5 presenting partner:


Twin Flames Universe promises devotees a path to ascension through finding their ultimate lover, and building a permanent, harmonious union. But former followers have accused the organisation of exploitative labour, encouraging people to stay in abusive relationships, and pressuring members to undergo gender reassignment.