The Move

Special Guest: Richard Kiers

Richard Kiers is a survivor of The Move, founded by Sam Fife in the 1960s. In his book 'Swindled by Faith: A Time for Reconciliation', Richard tells his story in a unique style. Memories and thoughts throughout his younger years are articulated in a way that draws you into his life, paints a picture, and leaves you feeling as though you may have walked this road with him. Purchase a copy of 'Swindled by Faith' here.

Richard is the father of three grown sons. Currently living in Jamaica, his life has been a roller coaster ride including two marriages. The middle son of a large, Dutch family, he has four sisters and 3 brothers who all live in Western Canada.


Written and Hosted by Sarah Steel

Music by Joe Gould

November 13th, 2019

56 mins 59 secs

Season 3


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Followers of The Move rejected mainstream society and headed into the wilderness in the 1970s, building isolated communities that were to set them up for the coming Apocalypse. Many ex-members would later tell stories of physical hardship, beatings, and worse, experienced in these communities. Move leader Sam Fife told devotees that should he ever die, they could consider it proof that he was a false prophet.